Welcome to the Associazione Isole Eolie Confraternità San Bartolomeo Apostolo

Dear members and visitors,

Welcome to our website. Like many of you, I share the importance of celebrating and promoting our cultural heritage. The foundation of our Associazione dates back to the Circolo Eoliano established circa 1903, however our Associazione was established in 1971. While it embraces all Italians, its intention is to raise cultural awareness of the Isole Eolie (or Eolian Islands).

The islands are a big tourist attraction providing a wonderful escape from everyday city life where one can drink in their beautiful natural surroundings, swim in clear-blue waters and relax with the locals, indulging in a chiacchierata while enjoying a gelato or granita.

The Eolians enrich the Italian culture through its colourful linguistic dialects, unique Mediterranean cuisine as well various religious ceremonies and festivities. One signature event held each year is the Festa di San Bartolomeo Apostolo. The event brings us closer to our Eolian heritage by celebrating the patron saint of the Islands. We also encourage the integration of Italian-Australian culture through events such as the Valentine’s Day Dinner-Dance, cooking shows and day trips.

The Associazione has a strong patronage of over 200 active members. The membership is mainly comprised of older, Eolian born who reside in Sydney. We are looking to expand our membership, especially with the youth, so I encourage young Italian-Australians to enquire about our Associazione.

Lastly, we have an active Committee which continues to deliver on a variety of activities and events in supporting the local Italian-Australian community so we invite you visit our website regularly to find out about our upcoming events or simply fall in love with the Isole Eolie.

Fausto Biviano

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